Are There Different Levels Of Alcoholism

Larry Miller “The Five Levels Of Drinking”, Larry Miller performing his stand-up routine of “The Five Levels Of Drinking”,


  1. Like others I had this on a cassette tape, played it to death and loved every second of it. I've searched "5 levels of drinking" many times and not found it, thanks again to the OP, great memories :)

  2. Da fuk is this shit

    Level 0 ur not drunk
    Level 1 u feel a little tipsy
    Level 2 U feel a little bit more tipsy and u stop giving a fuck.
    Level 3 ur finger and extremities start to feel numb.
    Level 4 ur brain is foggy and u feel like ur in third person.
    Level 5 ur world s spinning and u feel nauseous.

    Oh yea i wrote this while i was on level 4 hope you guys give me finger up.

    And dont try to sleep on level 5 or even 4, wait until ur on level 2.

  3. Level 6. You get a DUI on the way to work. You end up in the Gray Bar Hotel and you get get 'CORNHOLED' by Bubba and his homes. :-(

  4. First saw this back in the early 90s and since those were still my younger days I can definitely relate to some of it. 😉 Cracked me up then, still funny because it revives memories of some of my bar antics from years ago.

  5. This time on the way to the bathroom…you punch the stranger at the end of the bar just because YOU.DON'T.LIKE.HIS.FACE!!

  6. Damn what a funny guy!
    Didn't know he was 'standup' funny when I used to watch him on old disney movies.
    But he always got me to laugh.

  7. Here in Las Vegas, we don't have closing time, and it's easy to find yourself in the unforgiving, blistering sun of early morning. Mascara under your eyes, mouth feeling like someone emptied an ashtray or two into it. You'd think that would only have to happen once, but it took me longer than that to wise up. So glad I did! But I wouldn't trade the good memories for anything.

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