Functional Alcoholics

This was Vogt-Roberts’ most well-known film before Kings, as it was a hit on the 2010 fest circuit, playing Sundance, SXSW and more. The 25-minute short stars regular collaborator on and off screen T.J. Miller opposite Lizzy Caplan with supporting appearances by familiar comedic actors likeTony Hale, Nick Skoll, Whitney Cummings and Maribeth Monroe. Also, we showcased it last fallin a Short Film of the Day post. It’s equal parts hilarious and depressing, and while I want to celebrate the two lead characters as being the most enjoyable drunk couple since Nick and Nora Charles, there’s something sort of wrong about doing so. They’re definitely one of the best such duos, chemistry-wise. And as much as I’d like to see more of them, I appreciate that while it’d be very easy to stretch the plot of this story out another hour or so, it works so ideally in less than half an hour. As you’ll (must) see right now if you haven’t already seen it:,


  1. wow went in to this thinking it would just be a skit, not surprised the director has been successful

  2. Any alcoholics are nice during the good years. They should show these guys during their mid 40's, when their bodies give out, and their minds are limp, and all they can do is steep in their feebleminded rage at their unfullfilled lives.

    And yes. I am drunk right now.

  3. beautiful. hit entirely too close to home. only 20 & this is all my life consists of day in & day out.

  4. Some people can manage to have a suessfull life while drinking or on drugs for years on end but finally it will always catch up whit you :(

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