Alcoholism Withdrawal

What does alcohol withdrawal feel like?, Before we get into this video let me say that if you are in any doubt about your health, you should visit your doctor.

Most of the danger in quitting alcohol is down to the years that you have been drinking the stuff, the damage that has been caused by this poison over those years, and the way your body has habitualized itself to the alcohol. If you can stop using alcohol for a couple of days without any symptoms, you are very likely to be able to quit for good with no danger to your health. Your danger comes when you continue, not when you stop. As I said, if in doubt go see your doctor. It will take you a couple of hours max.
Alcohol Withdrawal is DANGEROUS (Transcript)

My name is Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery and today I want to talk about a comment or a question that I got on YouTube that said, “Alcohol withdrawal is DANGEROUS. You must know that.”
My Experience – Drinking Was KILLING me!

So first of all to talk about my own experience with withdrawal, it wasn’t DANGEROUS – drinking for me was DANGEROUS.

I started drinking when I was 13, which is DANGEROUS.

And I drank all the way through my teens, which was DANGEROUS.

I drank through my 20s and 30s and well into my 40s.

So, over 35 years drinking is very DANGEROUS.

When I quit I didn’t go into rehab, I didn’t go to the doctor, I didn’t take any medications.

I did it on my own, without any outside help.

So as of today, been off the drink now for 10 months, I’m way more a fitter person and way more healthier. I can think clearer, I’m eating better, and I’m sleeping better. And I’m having better relationships with my family, with my friends, than I ever did before. And yeah, I’m pretty DANGEROUS now.
The Statistical Comparisons – Where’s the Real DANGER?

I’ll give you some statistics here.

There’s 80,000 lives which are directly lost through alcohol every single year.

That’s 2.3 million years that are potentially lost.

That’s 30 years per person for those 80,000 lives.

And that’s not including the people that are killed on the roads because of alcohol, people that are killed in homes because of alcohol, people that are killed just as victims of crimes because of alcohol.
The real DANGER!

First of all you’ve got the DANGER from the drinks industry who wildly promote their product.
Then you’ve got the DANGER from the anti-drinks industry, the ones who are so-called trying to help you to stop, who are wildly promoting their detox products and are DANGEROUSLY claiming that only people who go through their programs, who go through detox and who go through medical supervised programs can be sure of having no DANGER.

What kind of bullshit is that?

Every year in the US there is 1.2 million emergency room visits because of alcohol. There’s 2.7 million doctors’ visits because of alcohol.

And quitting drinking is DANGEROUS?
Is the DANGER in Quitting?

Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a certain element of DANGER in for some people in quitting drinking.

I think there is.

But if 75% of people can successfully quit drinking without going to a doctor, then the DANGER is obviously not there for everyone.

The DANGER is there for somebody who gets up in the morning and all he can do is drink alcohol. All he thinks about is drinking alcohol. His life is drinking alcohol.

That’s not who these videos are for.

These videos are for people who got problems because of their drinking.
These videos are for people that have been able to stay off the drink for maybe a day or two.
I mean a drink only stays in your system for 48 hours – at MOST.
The liver can deal with one unit of alcohol per hour.
So 48 hours, everything is gone.
If you can stay off the alcohol for 48 hours, you’ve essentially quit drinking. Even if you got back on it again, you’ve quit drinking.
So you’ve proved to yourself that you can do it.

So hope you can see the real DANGER is humans consuming alcohol. Humans quitting alcohol – there are very few DANGERs in that. People die from running marathons. People die swimming. People die doing things every day that you wouldn’t think people would die from doing. There’s DANGER in everything.

So do I know that quitting alcohol is DANGEROUS?

Quitting Alcohol is HEALTHY!,


  1. After days of binge drinking, I stopped cold turkey and after about 24 hours started feeling crazy symptoms I've never felt before. My chest felt like it was tightening, started hearing "boulders falling", was seeing black spots at the corners of my eyes, and was 100 percent convinced I was going to die any second.
    Heart rate was up the wall. Was seeing gold and bronze every time I closed my eyes, and was actually begging for my life. Screamed. Came out of it extremely disoriented. Next day, felt like a nightmare on its own. Was VERY paranoid and felt that at any moment my mind would go back into that state. Flick of a switch. Was also getting scarier, more profound auditory hallucinations, like voices degrading me.
    Terrible insomnia and twisted nightmares the short amounts of time I could sleep. Two days later I m still feeling some symptoms but minor. I am stable. still seeing some things but only in quick flashes. I am pretty sure what I experienced was some kind of alcohol withdrawal.

  2. He drank beer! Totally different level of withdrawal compared to 80proof vodka. Beer won't ever stop withdrawal if you drink a bottle of vodka a day. You can't ingest enough beer to help with this level of withdrawal

  3. I'm on day 2 here, im sleepless as fuck right now but i think im alright, like you said in this video, im not going to dwell on symptons or withdrawing at all. just gonna try to stay busy and active and keep my thoughts on how great im going to look and feel after being sober for good. ive already dropped a lot of weight by cutting back to two beers a night and working out. I used to drink 6-8 beers a night, i wasnt eating right, i felt like shit all the time. I feel better than i have in a long time and i feel like im ready now to break through and stop completely. Ive drank pretty heavily for 7 years now, i turn 30 this year. Please wish me luck i think i will need it for these first few days

  4. i get numbness and tingling up my arms,my chest,face etc after i've drank for days and then stop. It usually lasts all day until i sleep.but i also get insomnia for the first 2 days after i stop drinking.

  5. video was short……….but excellent…….withdraw is a mother…….but once u withdraw u feel much better…..14 days sober…feel great….appetite is back,eating right and working out without missing any days…..FEELING UNSTOPPABLE….THNXS FOR THE VIDEO

  6. To help with the w/d symptoms, try to get a scrip for Gabapentin and/or Valium or Clonazapam (almost same drug). These drugs provide the GABA that your brain will crave after detoxing from alcohol and they are both anti-convulsants and anti-seizure meds, so you'll be much safer. The latter drugs are addictive but not if you stop taking them after you get through the w/d.

  7. I can never get to sleep on Sunday nights. I always have heart burn and digestive issues. This is after a day full of beer with the friends.

  8. I still don't understand when people say "it's as bad as you make it" I'm only 22, in decent shape from military service and every time I come off alcohol is terrible. Wasn't too bad in a detox center but when I do at it home it's nightmarish. Diazapam is helping me this time

  9. Charles, you got to stay strong. 10th day for me. we are in the same boat. hang in there. just remember that if you relapse, you're gonna have to go through it again. I hope you make it. it gets easier pretty quick, but I am still fighting. good luck Charles.

  10. I've been through it many times. Sober living is ten times better than being drunk and sick.

  11. he's a moron..get help, I'm in the hospital right now with my wife, 10 hours after no drink she had a major seizure and locked up and I thought she was gonna die.. it was THE scariest thing, go get the proper help.. I can tell you a REAL Alcoholic will have horrible shakes and it CAN KILL YOU… 12 mg of ativan IV and anti seizure meds… 30 hours since last drink and she us still shakey.. 750 ml of vodka a day for 1 year.. gained 40 pounds and turned my wife into a she of what she was.. we're gonna beat this

  12. part 2

    they admitted her immediately, had a other seizure in he ambulance….


  13. I get a kick out of doctors telling people that drinking is bad and yet they constantly prescribe things like Xanx that work on the same neuro receptors as alcohol does.

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